Week in Review...

October 17, 2010

The past two weeks have been so full and busy.  I've had catch up dinners with old friends, reps in town for work, major crafting projects for everyone and other random things to do each night.  Roxy and I also made a "how-to" video last weekend on making potato stamps.  It was lots of fun and actually really easy!  Stay tuned for the tutorial.  I'll be posting it soon.  

This weekend we all went to the Italian Festival and had an awesome time!  It's definitely not what it used to be, but it's getting better.  Having it at St. Thomas University was a BIG improvement, but I miss the days of the Italian Festival being downtown.  It was still fun though.  If you get the opportunity to go, you should definitely do it.  I would love to get to go to one in another city.  I bet it would be really different!!!!  

Fist pumpin' our way into the festival.

Congrat's Alex & Christine!!!!

October 5, 2010

This weekend was full of wedding receptions, showers and Ad Results peeps!!!!  On Saturday, we took the long drive out to Sealy, TX to celebrate Alex & Christine's wedding.  They decided to get married in Austin when none of their Ad Results friends were around, so we just had to celebrate their union with a party!!!!

I really wanted to stop at Buc-ee's on the way to Sealy, but much to my disappointment, there wasn't one remotely close.  We decided to stop at a "country store" for gas, jerky and other essentials.  We got to the gas station around 5:00pm, and Natalie couldn't understand why the guy at the "country store" didn't have any kolaches left.  Seriously, Natalie?

Alex Almost broke Rule #2 [Friends don't push friend into the pool] and in the process, made Kim spill her drink all over herself.
"Toe my goodness!!!!" [Ad Results feet models]

As a wedding favor, Christine made all the girls key chains.    She is a fellow Etsian, so check her out at www.cxclay.etsy.com

Thanks so much for the invite and memories, Christine & Alex.  Fun was had by all.  Congratulations!!!!

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