Crafting Under the Influence: Friendship Bracelets

May 12, 2012

A few months ago, the girls and I started a little "adult" style crafting group that we fondly refer to as "Crafting Under the Influence."  Each month, we take one lazy Saturday afternoon to get together and eat, DRINK and craft at each other's houses.  It's been so much fun and we've crafted so many awesome things, that I decided to do a blog post/tutorial link for each [amazing] think that we craft!  

We've all been super obsessed with stacked bracelets, which can get a little pricey if you don't be careful!  For the month of April, we all got together at Christine's house to make affordable, cute stacked bracelets. Each person brought a tutorial for a bracelet that they really wanted to make and we all shared!  



Here are a couple of tutorials for the bracelets we made:

The DIY Wrap Bracelet

The tutorial I brought came from a blog called "Honestly...WTF."  [Click link to get in on the stack bracelet party!]  

Things you'll need:
44-55 inches* of 1.5mm leather cord
12-15 inches* of brass ball chain or crystal chain
58-72 inches* of waxed linen cord (scroll down in link) [I used just regular friendship bracelet string]
1/4″ brass hex nut [I used a regular button, just make sure before that the leather fits in the button holes]
A pair of scissors

The Friendship Bracelet

The other girls were OBSESSES with friendship bracelets!  The trendis making a BIG comeback this summer, especially with neon.  I'm definitely on board too...I just didn't seem to have the patience of all the other girls.  My ADD really got me on this craft!

They also brought a tutorial from the blog "Honestly...WTF." [Click link to get in on the friendship bracelet fun!]  

Things you'll need:
Embroidery thread
A safety pin or tape
pair of scissors

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