Roost (Number 59)

July 27, 2012

This week, I had the pleasure of having an old friend from elementary school in town from Minnesota.  Each time she comes in, we try to get together with our moms and have a little mother/daughter dinner, just to catch up and talk about old times.

We usually go to dinner at one of our normal restaurants [Juanita's], but since I took the "Alison Cook Restaurant Pledge," we decided to try one off her list instead!  I left all the decisions up to Susanne, [I mean...she is the guest, right?] and she chose Roost.  Roost is a little, bitty, almost hole in the wall restaurant in the heart of Montrose.  The atmosphere is super casual, even giving off a hidden treasure kind of vibe.  The only complaint that I had about the location was the temperature.  IT WAS HOT!  They could definitely stand to crank the air up a little!  Despite that, everything else was great.  The owner and chef, Kevin Naderi, even met us at the door, taking our drink orders while we waited.  The whole time we were there, I felt like I was on an episode of "Top Chef," waiting for the next unexpected, yet delicious dish to come out for me to judge!

The menu was REALLY short, and it changes every three weeks or so to reflect what is available in Houston at the time.  This seems to be the trend in Houston restaurants right now.  Although the menu was short, there was enough of a variety of items, that you could find something that you liked.  They even had one vegetarian dish for all my non-meat eating friends out there!  If you go, I do recommend that you start your meal with the roasted cauliflower...IT.IS.TO.DIE.  I'm not a fan of cauliflower, and I loved it!

Overall, I give them four out of five stars.  I loved the atmosphere and the food was great!  

Cuisine: American
Entree Price Range: $$
Location: 1972 Fairview St.
Phone: 713-534-7667
FB Page: [they don't have a web page at this point]


  1. I want in on this pledge! Where are you headed next? Can I come?

    1. Not sure where I'm going going this week! I'll let you know! We're going to Haven for my birthday!

  2. I love the look of these candles. The design with the Texas on is is my favorite!!! :)


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