Fredericksburg Day 1

September 27, 2012

This weekend my mom and I went on a little mother/daughter girls trip to Fredericksburg with four of her friends and their daughters.  It turned out to be a really fun weekend filled with lots of laughs!  It's really funny how until you're an adult, you don't realize how similar your mom friendships are to your own.  If you ever want to do a mother/daughter trip, Fredericksburg is a great place for it.  There are definitely things for everyone to do...drinking included. 

The day started around 10:00am on Friday, after a LONG time spend stuffing six women and ALL of their luggage into an Explorer.  {Can you even imagine?} 
We went down 290, so it took us through lots of small towns  We ended up stopping at Maudie's Tex Mex in Austin for lunch.  

We FINALLY got there around 5:00pm {don't ask me how that's even possible} and we got to check in to the cabin for our weekend of what I like to refer to as "glamping."  If your not familiar with what "glamping" is, it's basically glam camping.  Doing outdoorsy things, and being outdoors, but with all the luxuries of an awesome cabin!  we stayed at One Big House at the Cotton Gin Restaurant and Lodging.  It was so cute!  If your ever in Fredericksburg, I definitely recommend staying there.  It looked like a little old Western Town with several little cabins.  Ours was by far the largest {sleeping up to 10 people}, but the others were just as cute but sleep only two people.  It would definitely be a fun place to do a Fredericksburg trip with a few couples, with each couple getting their own house.  

One Big House
A few of the decorations on the glamp grounds.
Other cottages and the wishing well

After getting settled in, we all went shopping on Main Street.  This is a definite must if you're spending time in Fredericksburg.  They have so many different clothing boutiques, home stores, wineries, and even a general store...all on one street!  If you love to shop, you will love Main Street!  I ended up buying two of my favorite and fabric.  Anyone surprised?  I love both pairs of shoes I found!  Gold Moccasins...I mean, duh?  What's not to love?  The booties?  I mean, what can I say.  They're country chic means 90's grunge.  LOVE THEM.  can't wait to wear them to the rodeo and fit in with all the cowboys.  

Moccasins from Eve Couture

Booties from Eve meets 90's grunge?

Things in a Room...CRAFTGASM!!!!

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